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Newsarama reports, "Although Robert Kirkman may be the defacto public face of the zombie craze thanks to the success of The Walking Dead, series artist Charlie Adlard is the one who turns Kirkman’s written word into comics magic." Read the entire interview here: Newarama: Charlie Adlard, THE ARTIST OF THE WALKING DEAD

Here's another podcast link to ANOTHER interview with my fine self and Fictional Frontiers... short[ish] and snappy this time, with half the talking done by my interviewer...Fictional Frontiers: Charlie Adlard

In further news - TWD the TV show airs in the US on Halloween. Finally it's arrived! Unfortunately I couldn't make the premier in LA, but from what I heard and the pictures I saw everyone seemed to be having a great time. Good luck everyone!

I'll be doing a talk at the London Print Studio on Saturday November the 6th from 4.30 to 5.30. Should be fun... there's an exhibition of my TWD work together with other comics greats at the same place too. It's curated by the great man Paul Gravett... a noble figure amongst the UK comics illuminati! There's an invite to anyone that's interested...

Then on the Sunday, I'll be doing a QUICK signing at the Royal National Hotel, near Russell Square. I'll be there from 2pm onwards for about half an hour to an hour.

THEN - next weekend - I'm off to Paris and the Illzach Festival. It runs from the 13th to the 14th of November and I'm honoured to be a guest there. Here's a link to the site - Illzach Festival.
And then that's that until after Christmas... then it'll be - drum role - Angouleme!"

Here's a few extra snippets of the Strasbourg event from a few weeks back. Thanks to Nico for providing the new photos and an insight, through his cartoon, of a fan's perspective of the day...

Unfortunately, the gig and the signing in Chester this weekend has been cancelled. Apologies if anyone was going to turn up. I'll still be at BICS next weekend though... So see anyone who's coming there!

Next weekend, October the 9th to be precise, at Saint Werburg's Hall, Brook St, Chester (UK), I'll be doing a signing to celebrate 21 years of trading by the local comic shop there, and after Mine Power Cosmic will be playing a gig in the same venue. It's pretty central, so hopefully there should be quite a gathering... we hope! That'll be it for gigging with band for now, and we hope to get in the studio to get some of our tracks demoed soon and hopefully get a CD done for future gigs and conventions. Talking of cons... It's the Birmingham Comic Show the weekend after the Chester gig. Visit the website and there'll be plenty of information about a special TWD event I'll be doing there. Of course, I'll also have a table in the main hall... So come over and say "hi", if you're attending.

A grand and lengthy interview with The Walking Deadcast.

From the site: "We talk with Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, who is incredibly genuine, interesting, and articulate. Learn about Charlie’s comic creator rock band (Mine Power Cosmic), his views on the infamous Walking Dead torture issue, what drew Charlie to The Walking Dead in the first place, his experiences on the set of the AMC show, and much, much more (including the mysterious true origin of the constant banging noises coming from the depths of Charlie’s house)."

The Walking Deadcast
CBR: Transcript

September 2010
Sorry I haven't posted for a while with any news, but things, as you may imagine, have been a might hectic around here of late. First there was San Diego, which was crazy, and then I didn't even have time to let everyone know about our band's gig and a signing in Strasbourg... which was last weekend!

Oh well...

Anyway, the signing at the European Fantastic Film Festival was great and I had an exhibition in their local hyper-store FNAC. I was told it was one of the busiest events they'd ever had. The gig was fantastic. We supported a band called Daemonia - which was fronted by Claudio Simonetti, who was the composer of soundtracks to such films as Dawn Of The Dead and Suspiria and was also a member of Italian band Goblin. The audience comprised mainly of people in zombie make up - since most of them had just come off the street from the festival's "zombie walk"....! Great audience though. Many, many thanks to the guys and gals of the con who made both myself and the band feel very welcome... cheers Hugues!

And, for your pleasure, here's some photos of us in action...

Next month [October 9th, to be precise] we hope to play another gig in Chester... I'll get the details out as soon as I know them, and the weekend after that will be the Birmingham Comic Show where I'll hopefully be doing a Walking Dead event... again, more on that when I know the details. Finally another trip to France before Xmas - this time to a festival in Illzach, but I'll be visiting Paris either before or after the event as well... mid November is the date for that."

June 2010
Well, I've just returned from the TV show Atlanta set of TWD. What a fantastic experience - I can tell you! Three days of seeing my creations come to life... I felt very privileged. And one day was spent as a zombie - so thanks to the makeup guys [Garret, Andy, and Jake] who made that experience a joy. They'll still be filming down there for a few more months, so I feel for them in that blazing humid heat - good luck guys! The series should air on AMC in October. My thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome.

And in related news - my next con appearance will be the BIG one - San Diego Comic Con - doing all the usual stuff - most of it TWD related - so keep an eye out for that. I'll be appearing at the Image and SplashPage Art booths over the weekend to sign and sketch - check with those guys as to when I'll be there, since I'm not sure yet as to my exact appearances. Hope I can see many of you there!

May 2010
It's the big Bristol convention this month. I'll be there, as I said before, sat at a table in the special Image section at the Mercure hotel for most of the time - so come by and say "hi".... I'll be doing the usual sketches, signings etc... And don't forget to pick up the exclusive TWD poster I did for the show. Plus - don't forget Saturday night - when my band Mine Power Cosmic hit the stage at the Ramada hotel - that'll be a night to remember!

March 2010
Happy New year... Yeah, I know, it's March already, but this is my first post of 2010, so that's how it feels here.

Anyway, onto some news... Firstly, as I mentioned before, I'll be attending my first convention of this year at Hi-Ex in Inverness. It's on the weekend of March 27th/28th and I'll be there all weekend - so hopefully I'll see you there. It's my first time there, so make it fun for me!

As I'm sure everybody knows by now, The Walking Dead is going to be turned into a TV series pilot. If the pilot is successful in the eyes of the network [AMC], then we'll go to series proper. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. I hope to get out to see the filming of the pilot... so I'll be in the States at least twice this year, once for the shooting [and I might take in some signings whilst out there - stay tuned for that] and once for my triumphant return to San Diego in July..! I'll let you know more - when I hear more.

And lastly for now... I'll be attending the Bristol show as per usual in May, BUT this time I have the band in tow with me. Unfortunately Giant-Sized Band-Thing has split up - but, from the ashes of that beast another behemoth doth rise... step forward Mine Power Cosmic! We're still kinda comic based in personnel - still Phil Winslade on guitar, but with the addition of Shane Chebsey [Smallzone and Scar comics] on vocals and kevin Darke [maths teacher] on bass. Be prepared for LOTS more original material - which I'm really excited about - but there'll be some of the ol' standards as well to keep the braying masses happy. So come one, come all and bare witness to the new comics world rock phenomenon! Oh - and I'll have an exclusive to the Bristol con TWD print available through the organisation to sell there to - all money to charity, of course..."

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