2011 News

November-December 2011

Can't believe I forgot to promote my appearance at the best comic con in the UK last month - especially since Mine Power Cosmic were playing there too - which was Leeds Thought Bubble. Anyway, apologies if anyone was expecting some sort of announcement... sorry. A good time was had by all, I think, and may I give a special thanks to Lisa Wood, the organiser of the event, for her amazing work.... I can't quite believe how she does it!

My next appearance will obviously now be in 2012, at the end of February, at the Glasgow Film Festival... more news [if I can remember :-)] on that nearer the time. But, in the meantime, may I wish anyone reading this a very merry Christmas and happy New Year! See you in '12!

October 2011

CROSS CULT 10/14-15/2011:
Next weekend - Oct 14/15/16th - I'll be appearing at the massive Frankfurt book fair courtesy of my pals at Cross Cult, the German TWD publisher. I've never been to the biggest book fair in the world, so I'm really looking forward to it... Surrounded by books - fabulous! And it's been a while since I went over to Germany, so I'm looking forward to meeting the fans over there as well. In other news - when I attended the TWD event at L'Abbaye De L'Epau a few weeks ago, I met an incredible puppeteer called Dinaig Stall, who had done these beautiful backlit cutouts of various TWD scenes and characters. Amazing and very atmospheric. Check out her blog and marvel!

September 2011

L'ABBAYE DE L'EPAU 09/25/2011:
On Sunday September 25th, I'll be appearing at L'Abbaye de L'Epau just outside Paris. Here's a flyer below to show the special artwork that was commissioned for the event - turned out pretty good, I think! All this is courtesy of my friends at Delcourt - the brilliant French publishers of TWD. I also have an exhibition opening in Paris at the same time, but I'll pass on the details of that when I know them myself. So it'll be a busy weekend. Hope to see you all there!

August 2011

A guy called David Viana contacted me a few weeks ago with this? I thought I'd share it with you, being a drummer an' all? Yep, believe it or not, he's custom made his drum kit with pictures of TWD all over it. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this with me, David, I really appreciate it - it looks wonderful. I want one?

BALTIMORE COMIC-CON August 20-21, 2011:
I'll be attending the Baltimore Conic con the weekend after next. Really looking forward to seeing everyone there - I've heard such good things about this one. I'll be doing the usual sketching and signing for a small donation to charity as per usual... so roll up, roll up, come one and all!

Saturday and Sunday
August 20 & 21, 2011

Saturday 10-6
Sunday 10-5

The Baltimore Convention Center

June 2011

Here's some more details on the A Comic Shop signing in Orlando - taking place a week next Thursday. They're expecting a lot of people so sketching might be out the window... But I'm sure it'll be fun nevertheless. See you all there! Then it'll be down to Miami for the Supercon. I'll be just doing the Saturday and Sunday, then flying back on the Monday... Independence Day... I'll be lying down in a darkened room after that.

May 2011

This just in... If anyone's interested, I'll be at my art agent's shop in Richardson, Texas on June the 29th, followed by a visit to Florida to sign at "A Comic Shop" on the Thursday after and then to Miami to do the Florida SuperCon over that weekend. I'll get more info about all onto the website that nearer the time...

On June 11th I'll be signing at my local comic book shop Infinity & Beyond. Below is a TWD special edition cover I did for them and a link to their site where you can purchase said item. They're celebrating 20 [!] years in the biz - so anyone local to the area, come on down and join in the party with not only myself, but John Wagner and David Hine as well!

There is also a discount code for any Bristol Expo attendees - BRISWD85. If you enter code you get discounted rate for this weekend. For more information check in at: Infinity & Beyond

March 2011

Well, May has rolled around once again for the Bristol convention next weekend... and I'll be there as usual. I'll have a table in the hotel Mercure, but I might, this year, limit my being there to a couple of 2 hourly stints per day day rather than the usual all day marathons I normally do... BUT, the good news is that, I'll do quicker and cheaper sketches to get through the queue - and all the money will go to charity, so we're all doing a good thing! Hope to see you there.

For more information check in at: Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo

March 2011

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but things have been hectic here... so hectic, in fact that I forgot to post my appearance in Paris last month to promote all things TWD. It was rather a crazy few days... TV interviews and two massive signings in the Virgin and FNAC mega-stores. In fact, the Virgin staff told me they'd never had as many people (apart from rock stars) as I did that day!
Anyway, the week after next, I'll be jetting off to Barcelona for their biggest con in Spain. That should be fun... And, yes, I'm missing KAPOW in London for this...:-) Not sure what my schedule will be for the convention weekend, but I'm sure there'll be details on their website.
After that will be my usual hanging around the Bristol comic expo in May... sans band this time unfortunately.

February 2011

OK - back from Angouleme now... which was intense... Brilliant - but intense! I've never been followed around by TV crews before, or heard my own voice being blasted out of speakers around the main square of town! So, it's with a residing THUMP that I return fairly and squarely back to earth this week. Oh well, onwards and upwards - to Cardiff, South Wales! I'll be attending a small one day con there on February 26th at the Mercure Holland House hotel in the city centre.

More details can be found at the Cardiff International Comic Expo.

See you there, if you're going.

January 2011

And to celebrate - I'll be attending the biggest and greatest of all comic conventions in the world - Angouleme, in France. I'll be there throughout the whole festival which runs from Thursday January 26th to Sunday 30th, and I'll primarily be signing at the Delcourt booth [who are the brilliant French publishers of TWD] and, as I'm a guest of the actual con itself, doing some press and talks. Really looking forward to this one.

Stay tuned for further appearances at probably the usual places, Bristol, Leeds, and, this year, Cardiff... plus further international trips such as Paris, Barcelona, Florida, Texas, and Baltimore... I'll let everyone know about each trip in detail as we get closer to the events themselves.

And I'm sure there'll be a few Mine Power Cosmic gigs thrown in there somewhere too...!

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