2014 News

October 2014

It's out! Yep, the Cosmic Rays album is finally with us. So, if you'd like a copy, there are many ways you can go about buying one. Firstly you can find us on Facebook and follow @cosmicraysband. The CD is available through that and through Amazon and E-bay too - via my wonderful friends at Infinity And Beyond. Spaceheadrecords.co.uk will take you to our Bandcamp site as well - where you can buy the digital version and the CD.
We've just launched our Kickstarter campaign - go to their website to see our video etc - to fund the release of our debut album on VINYL! We'll have tons of exclusive stuff for people that pledge. It'll be a beautiful thing, if realised, so please go and take a look.

Hope to see you all at Kendal this weekend - I'll have CDs there for anyone who wants to buy directly off me and get them signed - hope the rain stays off...

Unfortunately it's come to my attention that a few sketches I've done for people who have found my address and written to me [and have professed to being great fans] have appeared on E-bay. Well, sorry, this has happened before, and I thought I'd give people the benefit of the doubt, but this is the last straw. From now on, ANY un-solicited requests that arrive in the post - unless it's to my prior knowledge - will be returned to sender. I'm not having these kind of people benefit from the genuine fans and, personally, I don't like getting lied to.
Sorry it's come to this, but I feel this has to be done.


September 2014

It's finally done - the new COSMIC RAYS 12 track studio gatefold CD album is now on preorder at www.cosmicraysband.bandcamp.com. A preorder gets you a free track to download immediately, and we'll post out your limited edition signed CD as soon as we get them. It should arrive with us on 1st October.  Check out our Facebook page for more information and potential goodies as well.

In other news - I'm gearing up for the Lakes festival next month. Robbie Morrison and I are doing a talk on White Death on Sunday, 19th October, from 10.30 through to11.30 at the Brewery arts CentreTheatre. I've listed below my other appearances at the festival and, of course, the exhibition where pages from White Death will be on display.

Great War in Comics Exhibition at Abbot Hall Gallery running rom 28 Sept to 6 Dec


Comics Clock Tower
Saturday 18 October, 10.30am – 12.00pm, Table 1

Comics Clock Tower

Saturday 18 October 4.30pm – 6pm , Table 2


Unfortunately I've just heard that the CDs to Cosmic Rays debut album will NOT be ready for N.I.C.E - annoyingly. So you'll just have to put up with me and the rest of the band bragging about it this weekend... It will be available the week after, so I'll post up details of where you can get a copy when it's out. Of course, I will be at Kendal and Thought Bubble with copies, so if you want to buy one off me personally, that's where you'll find it

Next week the N.I.C.E comic con in Bedford is happening. And I will be there for both days - September 13/14. Hope to see you there.

But what is more exciting [for me anyway] is my band Cosmic Rays are playing at the con as well - to launch our debut album - FINALLY! It's self titled and chock full of nearly sixty minutes of original material. Hopefully we'll [that's myself, Phil Winslade, and Shane Chebsey] all have copies to sell at the con - fingers crossed... If not it'll be available the week after and I'll post more details of where it can be ordered post N.I.C.E, if that occurs.

Future appearances after next weekend will be at Kendal next month and Thought Bubble in Leeds in November [where I'll DEFINITELY have the album!]. But I'll fill you all in on those details nearer the time.

Anyway, to wet your appetite, here's a sneak peek at my interior double gatefold art for the album....:-)



August 2014

Sorry this is short notice but Robbie Morrison and myself will be appearing at the Edinburgh book festival this weekend. We'll be doing a talk on White Death - our WW1 book, just been re-released through Image, Delcourt in France, and there's a Spanish edition too - at 2pm on Sunday 17th. And then I'll be going solo to talk about The Walking Dead at 9.30pm, same day.

Then next month will be the N.I.C.E con in Bedford on September 13th/14th. Come see my band - Cosmic Rays - perform a blistering set on the Saturday night to promote our new album, which should be out by then and available at the venue. Oh yeah, I'll be signing there too...

More information about all that later


July 2014

SDCC is just over a week and a bit away, so here's my schedule as it stands at the moment. As you can see, I'm only doing the Thursday - I'm actually in San Diego with my family on a holiday - so I won't have too much time at the con. But, hopefully, there'll be time to meet everybody.


11:45am-12:00pm Charlie Adlard video interview at Skybound booth

12:30pm-1:00pm Charlie Adlard Nerdist news interview** (Petco Park)

2:45pm-3:45pm   Charlie Adlard & Robert Kirkman signing at Skybound booth

4:15pm-5:15pm  The Walking Dead Panel w/Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard (Room 6A)



June 2014

A bit short notice here - sorry, I've just about got my head together after my Philippines/California trip - I've a local signing at my comic shop, Infinity and Beyond, in Shrewsbury on Saturday June 7th. I'll be there for a couple of hours from around 12pm.
And, if anyone's interested, my band - Cosmic Rays - has a gig at the Hole In The Wall pub on the evening of June 20th. So if you miss me at the signing at the shop, you can always bring your comics to the gig... :-)

April 2014

Just got back from the Wales Comic Con show. Now THAT was a busy one! Thanks to everyone for turning up and I hope my quick sketches for you all weren't too shoddy due to my time constraints.
I'm soon off to the Philippines/Big Wow con in San Jose - 8th May I jet off. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting a lot of new fans. When I return - one quick signing I'm fitting in before SDCC, will be a return to my local comic shop, Infinity and Beyond, on June 7th for their 23rd anniversary bash. I'll be there for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Check their website for more details nearer the time.

I'd also like to make it clear to folks who might get in touch via my Facebook page that I really don't have time for commissions anymore. I thought I'd try and get this message out there to as many people as possible to save people the time of writing to ask and ME the time to individually reply in the negative to you all as well. Sorry - TWD and other projects just take up all my available time here at home in the studio, but I'm more than happy to draw for people at various cons and appearances - time permitting, of course.

March 2014

Unfortunately it's come to my attention that there's another forgery of my artwork out there. It's on e-bay and here's the link -


If anyone wishes to buy my art off e-bay or any other source [apart from Splash Page Art, obviously], please feel free to contact me via Facebook if you have any doubts as to it's origins and I WILL let you know if it's genuine or not. Last thing I want to see are fans being ripped off."


Couple of quick appearances lined up before my BIG trip to the Philippines/Big Wow in San Jose. First off is a fairly local gig - I'll be appearing at Waterstones bookshop in Telford this Saturday [22nd] at 2pm. Then, next month, slightly further afield [but not much], I'll be appearing at the one day Wales Comic Con show on Sunday April 27th. I'll be there pretty much all day, so hopefully I'll see a lot of you then, and - hopefully - some of you will turn up to Waterstones this weekend too!



Most people know I'll be attending the London Super Comic Con on March 15th and 16th, but what they don't know is that I'll be signing at the booth A Place In Space both days. My times are listed below.

I will be sketching on the Sat afternoon and Sun morning slots, BUT they'll be limited to 3 or 4 per session [queue dependant - first come first serve] and will be £100 for charity each... so you'll get a fairly good one!

Sat 11 till 1 and 3 till 5.30

Sun 10 till 12 and 2 till 4, the show closes at 5.


February 2014

I'm sorry to have to mention this again, but the amount of fan mail is becoming unmanageable again. I did say I wasn't going to sketch for people who mail me - just due to time constraints - but I've found myself signing stuff for the odd person.
However, within the large amount of fan mail, a lot of letters are starting to raise my suspicions. A get a LOT of "my brothers/sisters/sons/daughters and I are big fans" etc and then no names with which to personalise the art. Surely, it's a no-brainier to ask that because they WON'T sell these on e-bay... of course not.
Anyway, what I've decided to do is to ONLY sketch requests - and that's IF I have the time - for people who ask for names to be put on their requests. They're all going to be personalised. It's a struggle to find the time to answer the fan mail anyway, let alone worry about whether it's a genuine request from a genuine fan.

I hope everyone understands the situation I've been put in


On a more positive note, I'm very excited to let everyone know about the White a Death exhibition (see below). It's going to happen around the time of the fantastic Kendal Lakes International Comic Art Festival, and I couldn't be happier to have it there.
Also, because of the WW1 celebrations, White Death is getting another lease of life. Image are re-printing it in the States, Delcourt in France, and there's even a Spanish edition. White Death holds a special place in my heart, and I'm thrilled all this is happening to the book. Hopefully this'll bring a new audience to our little war story.

The Great War in Comics

28 September - 6 December 2014

Marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, Abbot Hall Art Gallery and the Lakes International Comic Art Festivalare bringing together for the first time the work of three internationally- acclaimed artists who have shed new light on this conflict through the medium of comic art. This September the art of Joe ColquhounCharlie Adlard andIvan Petrus will provide an alternative perspective on the reality of war.

Charley’s War has been described as ‘the greatest comic strip ever created’ and from 1979 until 1987 formed a unique collaboration between pioneering writer Pat Mills and acclaimed war artist Joe Colquhoun. The comic strip rarely flinched from providing a frank portrayal of the horrors of war, with Colquhoun willing to subvert traditional techniques of comics’ illustration by opting for heavy inks, messy backgrounds and stark facial expressions to depict an exceptionally dark atmosphere.

Set in the Alpine trench war of 1914-1918, White Death is a powerful story of conflict at a simultaneously personal and national level. Charlie Adlard is best-known as the artist on the record-breaking series The Walking Dead. Yet this early collaboration with writer Robbie Morrison is arguably one of his finest works. Using just charcoal and chalk on gray paper, his drawings convey the fear, horror and desolation of war.

Ghosts of Passchendaele, launched in 2014, is the third book of a graphic novel trilogy by Ivan Petrus featuring Belgian, British and French soldiers and their true stories from the First World War. Painted in bold, dark,  muddy colours, his art powerfully invokes the iconic post-war Passchendaele landscape.

‘Comic art provides the opportunity to understand a situation from a variety of perspectives as you are able to view the scene whilst reading the minds of the characters depicted. The comic artists in this exhibition offer a view of war which isinformative, challenging and will capture the imagination and emotions of the viewer. I am thrilled that we are able to work in partnership with the enormously successfulComic Art Festival to bring such a unique and exciting art form to Abbot Hall Art Gallery.’
Beth Hughes, Lakeland Arts Curator
"The Lakes International Comic Art Festival aims to establish comic art as a medium in its own right and to reveal the unique way it tells and communicates a story through a combination of "fine" art and text. This exhibition showcases the work of some of its pioneers, both past and present, taking the poignant and often harrowing personal stories of the Great War and where better to do this than in one of the UK's foremostindependent galleries. It is a real honour to be working with Abbot Hall Art Gallery as a partner and we hope to build on this as the festival develops in the future."
Julie Tait, Director of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival

For further information and images contact
Jeanette Edgar
Julie Taitjulie@comicartfestival.com

Abbot Hall has an outstanding permanent collection and one of the most innovative exhibition programmes outside London. The Gallery is managed by Lakeland Arts, an independent museum and gallery trust. Web: www.lakelandarts.org.uk

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is a new kind of comic art event in the UK. Modelled on a European-style festival it aims to take over the market town of Kendal, on the edge of the lake district, with comic art presenting the widest range of genres. Web: www.comicartfestival.com

The Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, with funding from South Lakeland District Council and Kendal Town Council working in partnership with the Brewery Arts Centre and Kendal College
The Lakes International Comic Art Festival and Abbot Hall Art Gallery would like to thank Jane Colquhoun, Moose Harris, Sharon Tait, and John Freeman for their help with the exhibition.

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